Walkway Covers Restaurant Canopies Service Station Canopies Dumpster Covers Carwash Covers Overhead Supported Bull-Nose Canopies © Superior Mason Products 2015 With over 65 years of experience in the aluminum industry, Superior Mason Products will provide you with quality products and service that can't be beat. We work with companies and architects from concept to construction. We can work with you to design the canopies and break shapes to suit your business's needs and budget. Contact your Commercial Customer Service Department for more information. Superior Mason Products offers panels and components for Service Station Canopies.  Given a variety of colors and components, We will help you to get the job done. Contact Superior Mason today for more information on service station components. Superior Mason Products Overhead Supported Canopies give you the quality and protection needed over Door Openings, Loading Docks, Walkways, Store Fronts, and much more. Superior Mason Products Carwash Covers are designed and engineered to be both architecturally pleasing and reliable.  You can integrate your entire site for a total image and consistent appearance.  We can provide all the components for a custom- fitted roof unit designed to your specifications, including beams, roof panels, and mansards. Given today’s government regulations, it is vital that every dumpster is covered to ensure that no leaks occur. Our Dumpster Covers will help protect your containers from the weather. To ensure that you are covered, contact Superior Mason Products today for all of your Dumpster Cover needs. Our Bull-Nose provides high-end aesthetically pleasing designs for a variety of applications. Our fascia can help new canopies stand out or they can be retrofitted to dress up existing canopies.  Radius, color, and dimensions of the fascia can all be custom designed to meet your building needs.